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Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
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February 2020
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

The SRC Test Summary shows the results of all the tests that were run. If any of the tests failed, you can make any necessary changes to the system to correct these failures. When you are done making fixes to the system, click RE-RUN UNSUCCESSFUL TESTS to select which tests to re-run.

There are four states of test results:
Test State Description
FAILED A critical error is detected. You need to make necessary changes to the system to correct the failure, then click RE-RUN UNSUCCESSFUL TESTS to retry the failed tests.
NOTICE A notice is received when a test contains a non-critical error or issue and the result should be examined, but no correction is needed.
SKIPPED The test is skipped, as it is not applicable to the system.
SUCCEEDED The test is successful.

For a list of test descriptions and their results, click VIEW DETAILED TEST RESULTS.

Re-Run Unsuccessful Tests

Displays all the tests that were run and what their final state is. By selecting or clearing the boxes next to a test, you can select that test to be re-run when the Next button is pressed. Along the top are buttons for the different test states that allow you to toggle all check boxes of that state.

Buttons only appear if there are tests of that state.

SRC Test Summary (example of test states)

By default, all FAILED, NOTICE and SKIPPED tests are automatically checked to be re-run.

Click Back to return to the SRC Test Summary.