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Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT) Reference

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
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February 2020
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

The Select Packages screen lists the nodes, software package, and version to be installed or upgraded on your system. Normally the packages that appear in this list are compatible with your operating system (OS). If you are performing a multiple OS upgrade, compatible packages for all operating systems are listed. Error messages are generated if you select a package that is not compatible with the OS you are upgrading.

Accept the software package installation recommendations by clicking Next, or click the software package name to modify the packages.

Multiple OS upgrades are not supported for SLES moves. Only select Linux nodes to perform a SLES move.

Packages Used to Upgrade or Move SLES Systems

If you are moving the operating system from the current SLES environment to a newer SLES version, the SLES Package Differences button becomes active.

Select Packages (SLS move)

Click SLES Packages Differences to open a list of package differences (if any) between the current and proposed SLES environments.

List of package differences (SLS move)

If you select a package intended for a SLES11 system while installing or upgrading a SLES10 system, you may see a screen similar to the following:

Package mismatch (SLS move)

If there are any mandatory packages missing, the Next button is unavailable. You cannot proceed until all mandatory packages are available.

Working with Package Dependencies

PUT checks the packages selected for installation to make sure all dependencies have been met.

If you select packages that have dependencies, and the dependent packages were available on the selected media but not selected, a screen similar to the following displays:

Package dependency issue (SLS move)

If you click Yes, PUT selects the necessary packages.

Package Version Control

If you attempt to install a package and the system already has that version or a later version of the package installed, a screen similar to the following displays:

Package version installation issue (SLS move)

The following buttons become active only after changes have been committed:
  • User Selection. Reverts to the package choices you made.
  • PUT Recommendation. Reverts to the PUT recommendations for package installation.

If the buttons are not active, re-enter the screen to activate them. Either restart the operation from the Table of Contents or click Back from subsequent screens.

The User Selection choices are saved each time you click Next.