Navigating PUT - Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT) Reference

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
Release Number
February 2020
English (United States)
Last Update
Product Category
Teradata Tools and Utilities

Choosing an operation changes the left side of the window to a Table of Contents specific to the operation.

The Table of Contents provides a list of steps that must be completed in sequential order. Some steps present a dialog box or set of dialog boxes that either require user input or provide status about what PUT is currently doing. Other steps do not require user interaction. PUT does not stop on those steps.

Completed Steps

When a step finishes, the square next to it turns blue.

Skipped Steps

Some steps do not execute because they are not needed for the current operation. In such cases, an X appears in the square next to the step to indicate that the step was skipped.

Navigation Buttons

The buttons at the bottom of the window help you navigate PUT, control which steps are executed, and obtain additional help.
Button Action
Back Returns you to the previous user-input screen.
Next Continues to the next step in the operation.
Cancel Opens a dialog box to select one of the following actions:
  • Click OK to return to the current step without canceling.
  • Abort and click Restart Current Step.
  • Click Exit to abort the entire operation.
    It is recommended that all PUT operations be allowed to run to completion. PUT performs various activities during this final step to complete the operation.
Help Opens the help file topic for the step you are working on.