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CLI1034 The length of a codepoint was not valid


A specified codepoint was not of the proper length, as required by the applicable encoding scheme. The codepoint could be either the first target codepoint, the second target codepoint, or a data codepoint.


Execution ends with return code 8. No TRD2XCI module is produced. The UNICODE directive is followed by one or more statements that define certain codepoints. A codepoint is the hexadecimal representation of a character in a character set. "C1" is the codepoint for the EBCDIC Capital Letter A; "0020" is the codepoint for the Unicode Space. Codepoints are specified as the first target codepoint (the first or only codepoint before the colon), the second target codepoint (the codepoint between a dash and the colon), or a data codepoint (a codepoint after the colon). The length of a codepoint depends upon the encoding scheme. For a Unicode codepoint, the length is four EBCDIC characters; for other encoding schemes, the length may vary, but since only their single-byte codepoints are of interest to CLIv2, the length is two EBCDIC characters.


Correct the faulty statement to specify the proper length codepoint.