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ARC1230 Cannot rehash Permanent Journal Archives


Permanent journals cannot be RESTOREd or COPYed to a DBS with a different hashing algorithm than that of the source DBS. The reason for this is that journal change images contain a "pointer" to the affected data row in the form of the "rowid". When the parent data row has been re-hashed it is impossible for the software to determine where it nowresides. Therefore, the operation is not allowed. This is a fatal error to the utility.

For Whom:

End User.


If the user has just completed a DBC database restore, it is necessary to restore the definitions of the Permanent Journal tables before the data tables are restored. In this situation, the user CAN perform a DICTIONARY restore against the journal archive. This will result in restoring the definitions of the journals to the target DBS but they will beempty of any change images. This is a FATAL error.


DICTIONARY restore is possible in the above situation. Otherwise, operation is not allowed.