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Exporting with Teradata Export Utilities

Figure 8 on page 101 is an overview of how data is exported from Teradata Database to a JMS‑enabled client application through a Teradata export utility, namely FastExport or BTEQ. In general, the data flow is as follows:

1 The Teradata export utility retrieves data from Teradata Database and transfers the data to Teradata Data Connector.

2 Data Connector transfers the data to the Teradata Access Module for JMS.

3 The Teradata Access Module for JMS uses JMS connection calls to access configured JMS administered objects, and connects to the JMS server.

4 The Teradata Access Module for JMS composes database records into messages (the export utility defines the database record format), and sends the messages to a JMS server.

5 The JMS server puts the messages on a specified queue or a certain destination, called a topic.

6 The JMS server stores the messages until any other JMS‑compliant application reads and removes them.

Figure 8: Exporting with Teradata Export Utilities