Example 9400 Stackups with i3 Tape Libraries - BAR Tape Libraries

Quantum Scalar i3 Setup and Configuration Guide

BAR Tape Libraries
May 2018
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Cabinet Builds can include single or multiple cliques. Each cabinet may include any of the following, depending on the system and cabinet power type:

  • An i3 tape library in a cabinet can contain one base unit and one, two, or three expansion units.
  • A cabinet can contain two i3 tape libraries.
  • One BAR TMS can support one or more i3 tape libraries. Whether you need an additional BAR TMS is dependent on the number of drives running and the number of fiber channel (FC) ports installed. Stream count requirements and configured FC ports available in a BAR TMS may require additional BAR TMSs to support multiple libraries in a cabinet.
  • The cabinet builds shown for the 2700, 2750, 2800, 2850, 9212, and 9400 cabinets are only a subset of all cabinet builds available. See the appropriate Product and Site Preparation Guide for the full set of cabinet builds for the platform. Use the cabinets builds in this book for guidance on where to place the i3 tape library.
Type A Power: 9400 Cabinet with Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Libraries

Type BCD Power: 9400 Cabinet with Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Libraries