Modifying the CMIC Configuration for a New Chassis in a Single-System Configuration - BAR Tape Libraries

Quantum Scalar i3 Setup and Configuration Guide

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May 2018
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This procedure assumes you have obtained or verified the primary MAC address and secondary MAC address (if applicable) of the chassis you are adding to the CMIC configuration.
  1. Access the web page of the managing CMIC.
  2. From the web page of the managing CMIC, select CMIC > System > CMIC Configuration. The CMIC configuration of the managing CMIC opens in the CMIC Configuration Editor.
  3. Locate the entry for the chassis.
  4. if the entry is a Quantum Scalar i3, update the entry. The entry should look similar to the following:
    	<Chassis idnum="X">
    <MEPlugin name="MEPlugin_TAPELIB_QTMi3"/>
    <NetAdapter mac="### INSERT MAC ###">
    <IPv4 type="### INSERT NETWORK TYPE ###" addr="" netmask=""/>
    1. Update the IPv4 network type, address, and netmask.
    2. [Optional] If the i3 is on a public network, include the following in the CMIC configuration:
      <NetAdapter fwzone="barmonitored" mac="xxxxxxxxxxxx">
      <IPv4 addr="" gateway="" 
      netmask="" type=""/>
    3. Update the <IPv4 addr=""> with the customer's public network address.
    If this is a staged CMIC 11,
    is correct; if this is an upgrade from CMIC 10 to CMIC 11, use the IP Address Configuration to determine the type.
    If the i3 is on a public network, the completed CMIC configuration will look similar to the following:
    		<Chassis idnum="X" type="cmic">
    <MEPlugin name="MEPlugin_CMIC_Alcolu"
    <NetAdapter mac="000423DF0522">
    <IPv4 addr="" netmask="" type="primary"/>
    <IPv4 addr="" netmask="" type="bmc1"/>
    <NetAdapter mac="000423DF0523">
    <IPv4 addr="" netmask="" type="secondary"/>
    <NetAdapter fwzone="barmonitored" mac="000423E7C0D4">
    <IPv4 addr="" gateway="" netmask="" type=""/>
    <Chassis idnum="X">
    <MEPlugin name="MEPlugin_TAPELIB_QTMi3"/>
    <IPv4 addr="" gateway="" netmask="" type=""/>
  5. To validate the syntax of the updated CMIC configuration, click and in the confirmation dialog box, click OK.
  6. To transfer (put) the CMIC configuration to the managing CMIC, click and in the confirmation dialog box, click OK.
  7. To save the CMIC configuration to a backup location, navigate to the directory you want to use, click and in the security dialog box, click Save.
    Use a backup location that is not on the server you are logged into.

    The file is saved to the directory using the default file name and format, which is CMICConfig_SystemID_CollectiveID_CabinetID_CMICChassisID.xml. For example, CMICConfig_1_90_1_6.xml.

  8. Assign an IP address to the new chassis.