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6750 Platform Product and Site Preparation Guide

Active Enterprise Data Warehouse
March 2018
Product Guide

The maximum number of TPA and non-TPA nodes in a 6750HX or 6750X coexistence system is 1,024 nodes, although orders from 325 nodes to a maximum of 1,024 nodes are accommodated by special order only.

6750HX and 6750X coexistence systems are BYNET V5 only.

6750HX/X Supported Coexistence Nodes
Platform Configuration 6700H 6690
6750HX 1+1a 6700H 1+1 ---
6750HX 2+1a 6700H 2+1 ---
6750HX 3+1a 6700H 3+1 ---
6750X 1+1 --- 6690 1+1
6750X 2+1 --- 6690 2+1
a 6750HX is the coexistence configuration, not the 6750HX standalone configuration.