Coexistence Rules for TVS Storage Mode - Active Enterprise Data Warehouse

6750 Platform Product and Site Preparation Guide

Active Enterprise Data Warehouse
March 2018
Product Guide
Component Rules

Nodes in coexistence systems must follow coexistence rules for their generation. Each generation must have certified storage for the platform to which it is attached.


All 6750HX, 6750X, 6700H, and 6690 storage drives must be hybrid HDD and SSD storage drives.

Contact GSS for clique configurations for coexistence systems.

Drives of different capacities can be mixed within a tray.

When mixing drives in an array, RAID pairs/sets should be the same capacity drives. If you mix two different capacities in a RAID pair, PUT treats the larger drive like the smaller drive and you lose the extra capacity.

You cannot mix more than two drive capacities in an array.

  • In a 6750HX/6700H system, 6750HX arrays and 6700H arrays must be in separate cliques.
  • In a 6750X/6690 system, 6750X arrays and 6690 arrays must be in separate cliques.
RAID You cannot mix RAID types.

Mixed storage design must be matched to data temperature demographics.