BYNET V5 Network Topology for Coexistence Systems - Active Enterprise Data Warehouse

6750 Platform Product and Site Preparation Guide

Active Enterprise Data Warehouse
March 2018
Product Guide

The type and number of BYNET switch chassis and cabinets in a coexistence system are determined by system size. The table below shows the number of BYNET V5 switch chassis and cabinets needed, per node fabric. This is for BYNET 0 only. The configuration is repeated for BYNET 1.

System configurations larger than 324 nodes (to a maximum of 1,024 nodes) are accommodated by special order.
Number and Type of BYNET V5 Chassis and Cabinets in Coexistence Systems
Number of Nodes Number and Type of BYNET Switch Number of 9107 BYNET Cabinets (BYNET 0 Only)
1 - 18 One Mellanox InfiniBand IS5030 36-port 0 - BYNET switch in base cabinet
19-108 One Mellanox InfiniBand SX6506-NR 108-port 1
109 - 162
  • One Mellanox InfiniBand GD4200 162-port
  • One Mellanox InfiniBand SX6518 324-port
163 - 324 One Mellanox InfiniBand SX6518 324-port 1