System Load Configurations - Active Enterprise Data Warehouse

6750 Platform Product and Site Preparation Guide

Active Enterprise Data Warehouse
March 2018
Product Guide
All power receptacles at the site must be wired to support the rated load specified in Input Power Plugs and Receptacles.

Teradata power subsystems use load sharing by default. Sites can expect an approximate increase of 100% in load on the active line when the other source of power fails. That is, a source has 50% of the load to start with, and when AC is lost from the other source, the remaining 50% of the load transfers to the active source.

Products with four cords need special attention when plugging in at sites with redundant power to ensure proper operation if one power source fails.
  • If the cabinet uses four cords and has four AC feeder boxes, the cords from the two left-hand side AC feeder boxes go to one site source, and the cords from the two right-hand side AC feeder boxes go to the second site source.