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Transaction Processing in ANSI Session Mode

In ANSI mode, transactions are always implicitly started and explicitly closed.

A transaction initiates when one of the following happens:

  • The first SQL statement in a session executes.
  • The first statement following the close of a transaction executes.
  • The COMMIT or ROLLBACK/ABORT statements close a transaction.

    If a transaction includes a DDL statement, it must be the last statement in the transaction. DATABASE and SET SESSION are DDL statements. See “Rollback Processing.”

    If a session terminates with an open transaction, any effects of that transaction are rolled back.

    Two-Phase Commit

    Sessions in ANSI session mode do not support Two-Phase Commit (2PC). If an attempt is made to use the 2PC protocol in ANSI session mode, the Logon process aborts and an error returns to the requestor.