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April 2020
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In the following example, table T has 1 billion rows of weather data. It has 1 geometry column representing the point (latitude/longitude) of the observation, and these REAL columns:
  • temperature
  • air_pressure
  • rainfall.

Use an SQL statement that invokes CALCMATRIX twice, once for the LOCAL phase and once for the COMBINE phase, as follows:

select * from CALCMATRIX( ON (
   select 1 as p, X.* from CALCMATRIX( ON (select temperature,       air_pressure, rainfall from T) 
   HASH BY p

The result set would be the SSCP matrix for the weather data. The following table shows the result set. n means the numeric result of the calculation.

rownum rowname temperature air_pressure rainfall
1 temperature n n n
2 air_pressure n n n
3 rainfall n n n