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Advanced SQL Engine
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July 2021
English (United States)
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Teradata Vantage™

You can format HELP reports using the formatting commands available for the API from which you make a HELP request.

Unless otherwise noted for a specific HELP statement type, report fields follow a standard format consistent with the field data type. For example, UDT Name VARCHAR(61) fields are formatted as X(61).

For example, this BTEQ input returns session information in the format demonstrated by the following report.

Teradata BTEQ for LINUX.
 Copyright 1984-2012, Teradata Corporation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
 Enter your logon or BTEQ command:
.logon dbc

.logon dbc

 *** Help information returned. One row.
 *** Total elapsed time was 1 second.

 *** Warning: Report has more than 100 column(s).
              Only the first 100 column(s) will be displayed.

                       User Name DBC
                    Account Name DBC
                      Logon Date 13/01/31
                      Logon Time 02:12:56
                Current DataBase DBC
                       Collation ASCII
                   Character Set ASCII
           Transaction Semantics Teradata
                Current DateForm IntegerDate
               Session Time Zone  00:00
          Default Character Type LATIN
                    Export Latin 1
                  Export Unicode 1
           Export Unicode Adjust 0
                Export KanjiSJIS 1
                  Export Graphic 0
             Default Date Format YY/MM/DD
                 Radix Separator .
                 Group Separator ,
                   Grouping Rule 3
        Currency Radix Separator .
        Currency Group Separator ,
          Currency Grouping Rule 3
                   Currency Name US Dollars
                        Currency $
                     ISOCurrency USD
              Dual Currency Name US Dollars
                   Dual Currency $
                Dual ISOCurrency USD
          Default ByteInt format -(3)9
          Default Integer format -(10)9
         Default SmallInt format -(5)9
          Default Numeric format --(I).9(F)
             Default Real format -9.99999999999999E-999
             Default Time format HH:MI:SS.S(F)Z
        Default Timestamp format YYYY-MM-DDBHH:MI:SS.S(F)Z
                    Current Role
                   Logon Account DBC
                            LDAP N
                  Audit Trail Id DBC
         Current Isolation Level SR
           Default BigInt format -(19)9
                      Proxy User
                      Proxy Role
                 Constraint1Name ?
                Constraint1Value ?
                 Constraint2Name ?
                Constraint2Value ?
                 Constraint3Name ?
                Constraint3Value ?
                 Constraint4Name ?
                Constraint4Value ?
                 Constraint5Name ?
                Constraint5Value ?
                 Constraint6Name ?
                Constraint6Value ?
                 Constraint7Name ?
                Constraint7Value ?
                 Constraint8Name ?
                Constraint8Value ?
              Temporal Qualifier CURRENT VALIDTIME AND CURRENT
                        Calendar TERADATA
           Export Width Rule Set 1112211111222232222211121111112222322222
           Default Number format FN9
                   TTGranularity LogicalRow
           Redrive Participation None
            User Dictionary Name DBC
                   User SQL Name DBC
                    User UEscape ?
         Account Dictionary Name DBC
                Account SQL Name DBC
                 Account UEscape ?
Current Database Dictionary Name DBC
       Current Database SQL Name DBC
        Current Database UEscape ?
    Current Role Dictionary Name ?
           Current Role SQL Name ?
            Current Role UEscape ?
   Logon Account Dictionary Name DBC
          Logon Account SQL Name DBC
           Logon Account UEscape ?
         Profile Dictionary Name ?
                Profile SQL Name ?
                 Profile UEscape ?
  Audit Trail Id Dictionary Name DBC
         Audit Trail Id SQL Name DBC
          Audit Trail Id UEscape ?
      Proxy User Dictionary Name ?
             Proxy User SQL Name ?
              Proxy User UEscape ?
      Proxy Role Dictionary Name ?
             Proxy Role SQL Name ?
              Proxy Role UEscape ?
 Constraint1Name Dictionary Name ?
        Constraint1Name SQL Name ?
         Constraint1Name UEscape ?
 Constraint2Name Dictionary Name ?
        Constraint2Name SQL Name ?