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SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples

Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
Release Number
September 2020
English (United States)
Last Update
Product Category
Teradata Vantage™

The following request reports the attributes of the session for the current user.


 *** Help information returned. One row.
 *** Total elapsed time was 1 second.

                       User Name DBC
                    Account Name DBC
                      Logon Date 15/01/29
                      Logon Time 20:01:09
                Current DataBase DBC
                       Collation ASCII
                   Character Set UTF8
           Transaction Semantics Teradata
                Current DateForm IntegerDate
               Session Time Zone -08:00
          Default Character Type LATIN
                    Export Latin 2
                  Export Unicode 3
           Export Unicode Adjust 0
                Export KanjiSJIS 1
                  Export Graphic 3
             Default Date Format YYYY/MM/DD
                 Radix Separator .
                 Group Separator ,
                   Grouping Rule 3
        Currency Radix Separator .
        Currency Group Separator ,
          Currency Grouping Rule 3
                   Currency Name US Dollars
                        Currency $
                     ISOCurrency USD
              Dual Currency Name US Dollars
                   Dual Currency $
                Dual ISOCurrency USD
          Default ByteInt format -(3)9
          Default Integer format -(10)9
         Default SmallInt format -(5)9
          Default Numeric format --(I).9(F)
             Default Real format -9.99999999999999E-999
             Default Time format HH:MI:SS.S(F)Z
        Default Timestamp format YYYY-MM-DDBHH:MI:SS.S(F)Z
                    Current Role
                   Logon Account DBC
                            LDAP N
                  Audit Trail Id DBC
         Current Isolation Level SR
           Default BigInt format -(19)9
                      Proxy User
                      Proxy Role
                 Constraint1Name ?
                Constraint1Value ?
                 Constraint2Name ?
                Constraint2Value ?
                 Constraint3Name ?
                Constraint3Value ?
                 Constraint4Name ?
                Constraint4Value ?
                 Constraint5Name ?
                Constraint5Value ?
                 Constraint6Name ?
                Constraint6Value ?
                 Constraint7Name ?
                Constraint7Value ?
                 Constraint8Name ?
                Constraint8Value ?
              Temporal Qualifier ANSIQUALIFIER
                        Calendar TERADATA
           Export Width Rule Set 1112211111222232222211121111112222322222
           Default Number format FN9
                   TTGranularity LogicalRow
           Redrive Participation None
            User Dictionary Name DBC
                   User SQL Name DBC
                    User UEscape ?
         Account Dictionary Name DBC
                Account SQL Name DBC
                 Account UEscape ?
Current Database Dictionary Name DBC
       Current Database SQL Name DBC
        Current Database UEscape ?
    Current Role Dictionary Name ?
           Current Role SQL Name ?
            Current Role UEscape ?
   Logon Account Dictionary Name DBC
          Logon Account SQL Name DBC
           Logon Account UEscape ?
         Profile Dictionary Name ?
                Profile SQL Name ?
                 Profile UEscape ?
  Audit Trail Id Dictionary Name DBC
         Audit Trail Id SQL Name DBC
          Audit Trail Id UEscape ?
      Proxy User Dictionary Name ?
             Proxy User SQL Name ?
              Proxy User UEscape ?
      Proxy Role Dictionary Name ?
             Proxy Role SQL Name ?
              Proxy Role UEscape ?
 Constraint1Name Dictionary Name ?
        Constraint1Name SQL Name ?
         Constraint1Name UEscape ?
 Constraint2Name Dictionary Name ?
        Constraint2Name SQL Name ?
         Constraint2Name UEscape ?
 Constraint3Name Dictionary Name ?
        Constraint3Name SQL Name ?
         Constraint3Name UEscape ?
 Constraint4Name Dictionary Name ?
        Constraint4Name SQL Name ?
         Constraint4Name UEscape ?
 Constraint5Name Dictionary Name ?
        Constraint5Name SQL Name ?
         Constraint5Name UEscape ?
 Constraint6Name Dictionary Name ?
        Constraint6Name SQL Name ?
         Constraint6Name UEscape ?
 Constraint7Name Dictionary Name ?
        Constraint7Name SQL Name ?
         Constraint7Name UEscape ?
 Constraint8Name Dictionary Name ?
        Constraint8Name SQL Name ?
         Constraint8Name UEscape ?
                       Zone Name
                 SearchUIFDBPath ?
           Transaction QueryBand ?
               Session QueryBand ?
               Profile QueryBand ?
           Unicode Pass Through  F
If row-level security is disabled or if no constraint applies to the session, the constraint name and constraint value fields are NULL.