SLES 12 - node - Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop

Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop for Teradata® Administrator Guide

Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop
March 2020


This command operates on any node in the cluster to control services and provide status.


hcli [--option] node [info [--option] | runonall "cmd" [--option] [--master | --data | --edge] | copytoall [--master | --data | --edge] [--help] [--recursive] src [additional src] --dest dir [--option]]


hcli node info [ --option]
Display node information about the specified options.
The exit code is 0 if the command is successful.
Option Description
--clustername Displays the name of the cluster.
--node_type Displays the type of node, for example, a data node or master node.
--cdh_version Displays CDH version only.
--teradata-hadoop-tools-cdh_version Displays all the information (cluster name, version numbers, node type) in JSON format.
--json Outputs all the information in JSON format for cluster name, version numbers, node type.
Example: To display information for all components on the node, run hcli node info
| Header                             | Value     |
| cluster_name                       | c1        |
| teradata-hadoop-tools-cdh_version  | 5.4.50.x  |
| cdh_version                        | 5.4.5     |
| node_type                          | master    |
Example: To display the cluster name, run hcli node info --clustername.
hcli node runonall [--master | --data | --edge] [--parallel] [--help] 'cmd' [--option]
Run a command on multiple Hadoop nodes. The command is required and must be in quotes. If no option is specified, the command runs on all nodes by default.
Option Description
-m | --master Run on master nodes
-d | --data Run on data nodes
-e | --edge Run on edge nodes
-p | --parallel Run command on nodes in parallel
Exit code 0 indicates the command succeeded; exit code 1 indicates the command was unsuccessful.
hcli node copytoall src [additional src] --dest dir [--option]
Copy a file or directory to multiple Hadoop nodes. If no option is specified, the file or directory copies to all nodes by default.
  • src Names the source file or directory. Multiple allowed.
  • -D | --dest dir Names the destination directory.
  • -r | --recursive Copies recursively.
Option Description
-m | --master Copies file or directory to master nodes
-d | --data Copies file or directory to data nodes
-e | --edge Copies file or directory to edge nodes
Exit code 0 indicates the command succeeded; other exit codes indicate the number of nodes on which the command failed.
Example:  hcli node copytoall /etc/hosts --dest /etc