Alert Escalation Tests | Teradata Server Management - 14.01 - Alert Escalation Tests - Server Management

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October 2019
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Alerts and events travel from a node or CMIC to the TVI backend over the alert detection path. The Alert Escalation Test tests the full, end-to-end alert detection path for one or more managed nodes or CMICs.

Use the Alert Escalation Test in the Web Client to test the full alert detection path for the following:
  • All nodes and CMICs in the server management domain
  • All nodes and CMICs in a system
  • A specific node or CMIC

A summary alert is generated indicating whether the test was successful or if there were failures. If the alert detection path is correct, the TVI backend receives a summary alert. An incident is not generated for the summary alert, but a notification is sent to those who subscribe to AIC email notifications.

When ServiceConnect is first configured in the Web Client, an Alert Escalation Test is run automatically on all nodes and CMICs.