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October 2019
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This applies to flashing the firmware on a VMS 2.x only.

  1. Log into Teradata Support at https://support.teradata.com and download the VMS image.
  2. From the SMWeb Classic home page, click Network, Devices, and CMICs to log on to the CMIC Monitor.
  3. Select CMICs > Firmware Upload and upload the VMS image.
  4. On the CMIC Selection page, select the CMICs that are getting the firmware bundle.
  5. Continue to the next screen where the firmware bundle is distributed to the selected CMICs.
  6. In the Java Client Tree View, select the VMSs, then select Functions > Flash Firmware.
  7. If the flash is successful, do the following to reset the VMS devices:
    1. Select the same VMSs.
    2. Select Functions > Reset and confirm.
  8. In the command status window, verify that the flash completed successfully and that the VMS was reset.