Configure IP Addresses for Viewpoint Servers | Teradata Server Management - 14.01 - Configuring IP Addresses for Viewpoint Servers - Server Management

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October 2019
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Server Management can be configured to forward alerts representing the detected system problems to one or more Viewpoint servers so they can be represented in the Teradata Alerts view and/or can trigger notifications through the Viewpoint Common Alerting services. It is recommended to use a Viewpoint server being managed within the Server Management domain so all CMICs have equal access to the server via the SM Networks in the event of a CMIC failover.

You can add, edit, or delete an IP address for a Viewpoint server. Add a new IP address as follows:

  1. In the Web Client, select "" > Settings > Viewpoint.
  2. To add an IP address for a Viewpoint server, click Add then enter the Server IP Address.
    To send alerts to additional servers, you can configure up to 5 server destinations.
  3. Click Save.