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Teradata® Server Management Product Guide

Server Management
October 2019
User Guide
Use the Multi Select window in the Java Client to select multiple components and issue common commands instead of selecting individual components from the Tree View.
  1. In the Java Client Tree View, select Tools > Multi Select.
  2. Select any of the following options, then click Execute:
    Option Description
    Select All or Select the type Lists components that can be selected as a group. Only the components installed in the system are listed.

    If you select only a Type, the command is issued on all sub types listed in Filter by sub type.

    Filter by sub type Select to filter the component by sub types.
    Select the function Lists the commands that can be run on the selected components.
    Filter by system name Issues a command for selected components in one or more selected systems. You must select one or more systems to run the function across the selected components. When the check box is cleared, the function is run across the selected components for the entire Server Management domain.
    Select cabinets
    • All cabinets: Issues a command for the selected components in all cabinets.
    • Individual cabinets and/or ranges (e.g. 1,3,5-12): Issues a command for the selected components in one or more cabinets. Enter one or more component numbers or a range of numbers. If you enter more than one number or range, separate them by commas, with no spaces.