Add Built-In OpenLDAP Configuration for Testing | Teradata AppCenter - 1.10 - Adding Built-in OpenLDAP Configuration for Testing - Teradata AppCenter

Teradata® AppCenter Customer Installation and Upgrade Guide for vSphere

Teradata AppCenter
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June 2020
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AppCenter includes built-in OpenLDAP with two users that you can use to test AppCenter before adding your corporate LDAP. The built-in OpenLDAP configuration is optional and is not for production purposes. If you add corporate LDAP, the OpenLDAP configuration will still work with your instance of AppCenter.

Only the root user can add built-in OpenLDAP configuration.

  1. Select "" > Settings > Authentication > "" .
  2. Complete the following LDAP configuration fields:
    Setting OpenLDAP Entry or Option
    Server openldap
    URL openldap.appcenter.svc.cluster.local
    Port 389
    Encryption None
    Base domain dc=example,dc=org
    Domain search user cn=admin,dc=example,dc=org
    Domain search password admin
    Vendor Other
    User object class top, posixAccount, person
    Id field uid
    Name field uid
    Member of field uid
    Member field uid
    Email field uid
    LDAP group fields are not applicable to built-in OpenLDAP.
    The built-in LDAP includes the following two users for login:
    For the built-in OpenLDAP, you cannot add additional users.
    Built-In Username Password
    user1 user1
    user2 user2