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Teradata® AppCenter Customer Installation and Upgrade Guide for vSphere

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September 2020
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"" Root User

AppCenter includes built-in OpenLDAP with two users that you can use to test AppCenter before adding your corporate LDAP. The built-in OpenLDAP configuration is optional and is not supported in production.
LDAP Groups are not applicable to the built-in OpenLDAP. If you add corporate LDAP, the OpenLDAP configuration will still work with your instance of AppCenter.
  1. Select "" > Settings > Authentication > "" , then complete the LDAP configuration fields with the following entries:
    Setting OpenLDAP Entry or Option
    Directory Name openldap
    Host openldap.appcenter.svc.cluster.local
    Port 389
    Encryption None
    Base DN dc=example,dc=org
    Search Service Account Username cn=admin,dc=example,dc=org
    Search Service Account Password admin
    Vendor Other
    User object classes top, posixAccount, person
    User search filter Not applicable to built-in OpenLDAP.
    Group object classes Not applicable to built-in OpenLDAP.
    Custom groups filter Not applicable to built-in OpenLDAP.
    UUID field uid
    Username field uid
    Member field member
    Email field mail
    Group Base DN Not applicable to built-in OpenLDAP.
    Group ID Not applicable to built-in OpenLDAP.
    OpenLDAP comes with two users that can be regular users or imported as admin users. The credentials for the users, whether regular or admin, are the following:
    • user1 / user1
    • user 2 / user2