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This section provides details about the Aster Scoring SDK functions supported by Scorer. Most details are the same as those for the corresponding SQL-MapReduce function; consult the section for the equivalent SQL-MapReduce function for a detailed description. The javadoc for Scorer provides information about how to run a scorer with a specific Aster Scoring SDK function.

These sections discuss scoring-specific information for each Aster Scoring SDK function currently supported:

The subsections for each Aster Scoring SDK function are:

  1. Model Format

    This section describes the model and its type accepted by the function. The model is incorporated inside AML file. The related arguments of AMLGenerator are ModelType, ModelTable, ModelTag, and InstalledFile.

  2. Request Definition

    This section describes the format for the input query to be scored against the Aster Scoring SDK function, if different from the equivalent SQL-MapReduce function. In the context of a SQL-MapReduce function, this format corresponds to the input table schema for test (query) data set. In most functions, this format is the same as the input used to train the model. The format is supplied using AMLGenerator arguments RequestColNames and RequestColTypes (to be incorporated in the AML file). Scorer creates an instane of a request object based on the format and can be used to populate request data for scoring.

  3. Parameters

    This section describes the parameters that the Aster Scoring SDK function uses for scoring. These parameters correspond to the arguments of the corresponding SQL-MapReduce (predictor) function. This section also lists any arguments that are currently not supported by the Aster Scoring SDK function. These parameters can be supplied using AMLGenerator arguments RequestArgName1, RequestArgVal1, ReqestArgName2, RequestArgVal2, and so on (to be incorporated in the AML file). Because parameters can change frequently across queries for the same Aster Scoring SDK function, parameters can also be supplied/modified directly inside Scorer. See the Scorer javadoc for further information.

  4. [Optional] Additional Notes

    This section provides additional details about the function.