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Specify the supporting files (dictionary model or file, classification model) with the ModelTable argument in AMLGenerator.

The following examples show variations in usage of the dictionary and classification model.

Example 1: Use Default Model

The Language argument determines the default model.

ModelTable ('default_sentiment_lexicon.txt')
ModelTag ('DICT')
InstalledFile ('true')

For Chinese language text, the default model is default_sentiment_lexicon_zh_cn.txt (for Simplified Chinese) and default_sentiment_lexicon_zh_tw.txt (for traditional Chinese).

Example 2: Use Dictionary Table as Model

ModelTable ('dict_table')
ModelTag ('DICT')
InstalledFile ('false')

Example 3: Use Both Dictionary Table and Dictionary File

The dictionary file is different from the default. The sentiment words from the dictionary table have a higher priority than those in the dictionary file.

ModelTable ('sentiment_lexicon.txt', 'dict_table')
InstalledFile ('true', 'false')
ModelTag ('DICT', 'DICT')
RequestArgName1 ('Model')
RequestArgVal1 ('dictionary:sentiment_lexicon.txt')

Example 4: Use Classification File

ModelTable ('sentiment_classification_model.bin')
InstalledFile ('true')
ModelTag ('CLASS')
RequestArgName1 ('Model')
RequestArgVal1 ('classification:sentiment_classification_model.bin')