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Aster Analytics
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September 2017
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On the Internet, most data is exchanged and processed using JSON or XML, and then displayed using HTML. These languages are based on named structures that can be nested, using a Unicode-based representation that is both human-readable and machine-readable. Each language is optimized for its main function:

Language Main Function
HTML Representing web pages
XML Representing document data
JSON Representing programming language structures

For traditional programming structures, programming with JSON is significantly easier than programming with XML.

XQuery, the standard query language for XML, has been implemented in databases, streaming processors, data integration platforms, application integration platforms, XML message routing software, web browser plugins, and other environments. However, there is currently no standard query language for JSON. Therefore, Teradata Aster created the JSONParser SQL-MapReduce function, which parses a JSON string as specified by the function arguments and outputs it as a relational table that you can query with SQL.