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September 2017
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The PageRank function requires two input tables, vertices and edges.

The vertices table must contain the unique identifier (vertex key attributes) of each vertex. The unique identifier of a vertex can consist of multiple columns. The vertices table can also have columns that are not vertex key attributes. If these additional columns are specified by the Accumulate argument, the function copies them to the output table; otherwise, it ignores them.

PageRank Vertices Table
Column Name Data Type Description
vertex_key_attribute VARCHAR Contains a vertex key attribute. The vertices table must have at least one such column, and can have more than one. The vertex key attribute columns comprise the vertex_key on which the vertices table must be partitioned.
accumulate_column Any Column to be copied to the output table. The vertices table can have zero or more such columns.

The edges table must contain columns for the source and target vertices of each edge.

PageRank Edges Table
Column Name Data Type Description
edge_source INTEGER Contains the numbers of the source nodes of the edges. The edges table must be partitioned on this column.
edge_target INTEGER Contains the numbers of the target nodes of the edges.