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Aster Analytics
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September 2017
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The output shows that the users John and Simon are similar to Carla. John is more similar, as he has a higher hub_score. The output varies with every run.

pSALSA Example 1 Output Table
followers hub_followers hub_score authority_leaders authority_score
Carla John 0.354    
Carla Simon 0.146    
Carla     Simon 0.0898203592814371
Carla     Carla 0.0778443113772455
Celine John 0.314    
Celine Carla 0.19    
Celine     Celine 0.148
Celine     Simon 0.084
John Carla 0.190291262135922    
John Simon 0.116504854368932    
Simon John 0.318    
Simon Carla 0.18    
Simon     Celine 0.148
Simon     Simon 0.082
Winston John 0.316    
Winston Carla 0.19    
Winston     Celine 0.146
Winston     Simon 0.092