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Teradata Aster® Analytics Foundation User GuideUpdate 2

Aster Analytics
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September 2017
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The output shows that John and Winston are similar to Carla. John is more similar, as he has a higher hub_score. The output varies with every run.

pSALSA Example 2 Output Table
followers hub_followers hub_score authority_leaders authority_score
Carla     Carla 0.158
Carla     Simon 0.022
Carla John 0.342    
Carla Winston 0.124    
Celine     Celine 0.168
Celine     Carla 0.12
Celine John 0.306    
Celine Carla 0.262    
John Carla 0.229083665338645    
John Winston 0.127490039840637    
Simon     Celine 0.186
Simon     Carla 0.14
Simon John 0.308    
Simon Carla 0.278    
Winston     Celine 0.169660678642715
Winston     Carla 0.147704590818363
Winston John 0.33    
Winston Carla 0.256