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Aster Analytics
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September 2017
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Teradata recommends pSALSA for recommending products to similar users when the product line has limited pairwise history or changes frequently. An example of a product line that changes frequently is apparel, which is subject to seasons and trends.

The input tables for this example represent a graph of customers and the clothes that they buy. The input vertices table, user_product_nodes, contains customer names. The edges table, women_apparel_log, reflects customer shopping patterns. The goal is to find customers who are similar and thus determine product recommendations.

pSALSA Example 3 Input Table user_product_nodes
nodeid nodename
1 Sandra
2 Susan
3 Stacie
4 Stephanie
5 Sally
6 coats
7 sweaters
8 jackets
9 blazers
10 pants
11 pajamas
pSALSA Example 3 Input Table women_apparel_log
username product frequency
Sally blazers 2
Sally coats 10
Sally jackets 8
Sally sweaters 9
Sandra coats 10
Sandra jackets 8
Sandra sweaters 9
Stacie pajamas 9
Stacie pants 9
Stephanie blazers 5
Stephanie jackets 4
Stephanie pajamas 7
Stephanie pants 6
Susan blazers 5
Susan jackets 2
Susan pajamas 5
Susan pants 4
Susan sweaters 4