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Aster Analytics
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September 2017
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The output shows possible recommendations, based on hub_score and authority_score. For example, the seller can recommend pajamas to Sandra and Susan because they and Sally have similar scores. The hub_score and authority_score values vary with every run.

pSALSA Example 3 Output Table
username hub_username hub_score authority_product authority_score
Sally     pajamas 0.126984126984127
Sally     pants 0.119047619047619
Sally Sandra 0.239043824701195    
Sally Susan 0.159362549800797    
Sandra     pants 0.111111111111111
Sandra     pajamas 0.107142857142857
Sandra Sally 0.270916334661355    
Sandra Susan 0.151394422310757    
Stacie     sweaters 0.107569721115538
Stacie     blazers 0.103585657370518
Stacie Stephanie 0.212    
Stacie Susan 0.164    
Stephanie     coats 0.119521912350598
Stephanie Susan 0.2    
Stephanie Stacie 0.184    
Susan     coats 0.146825396825397
Susan Stacie 0.183266932270916    
Susan Stephanie 0.175298804780877