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Aster Analytics
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September 2017
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The Aster Analytics functions belong to product bundles, which are delivered in packages. To download a package, you must know the name of the ZIP file that contains its functions. You can find this information in the following table. For a list of the functions in a product bundle, click the product bundle.

The Aster Analytics bundle combines the bundles Premium Path, Premium Relationship, Premium Graph, and Aster Foundation.

Aster Analytics Function Product Bundles, Packages, and ZIP File Names
Product Bundle Package Name ZIP File Name
Analytics Foundation Aster MapReduce Analytic Foundation Portfolio 7.00 AsterAnalytics_Foundation__indep_indep.
Premium Path Aster MapReduce Analytic Premium Portfolio - Path/Pattern Module 7.00 AsterAnalytics_PremiumPath__indep_indep.
Premium Relationship Aster MapReduce Analytic Premium Portfolio - Relationship Module 7.00 AsterAnalytics_PremiumRelationship__indep_indep.
Premium Graph Aster Graph Analytic Premium Portfolio – Graph Module 7.00 AsterAnalytics_PremiumGraph__indep_indep.
Aster Analytics Aster Analytic Premium Portfolio 7.00 AsterAnalytics_AsterAnalytics__indep_indep.
Aster Scoring SDK Aster Scoring SDK 7.00 AsterAnalytics_ScoringSDK_indep_indep.