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September 2017
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  • To find the version numbers of installed functions, you can use either:
    • Aster Database Cluster Terminal (ACT) command \dE
    • This query:
      SELECT [schemaid,]funcname,funcversion FROM
        { nc_user_sqlmr_funcs | nc_user_owned_sqlmr_funcs };

    Sample output from the \dE command and the preceding query are in the following two tables. The version numbers of the Aster Analytics functions AllPairsShortestPath and Antiselect are 6.20_rel_1.5_r39242 and 6.20_rel_1.0_r39242.

    ACT \dE Command Output Sample
    schemaname funcname funcowner funcversion creationtime
    nc_system load_from_hcatalog db_admin 6.20-r39242 2014-12-04 07:02:48.4148
    ... ... ... ... ...
    public allpairsshortestpath beehive 6.20_rel_1.5_r39242 2014-12-04 07:21:38.969565
    public antiselect beehive 6.20_rel_1.0_r39242 2014-12-04 07:21:41.781971
    ... ... ... ... ...
    Query Output Sample
    schemaid funcname funcversion
      stream 6.20-r39242
      ... ...
    16379 load_from_hcatalog 6.20-r39242
    ... ... ...
    2200 allpairsshortestpath 6.20_rel_1.5_r39242
    2200 antiselect 6.20_rel_1.0_r39242
    ... ... ...

    In the function version release_number_rel_function_version_rbuild_number:

    • release_number is the Aster Analytics Foundation release number (for example, 6.20)
    • function_version is the function version number (for example, 1.5 or 1.0)
    • rbuild_number is the build number of the Aster Analytics Foundation release (for example, r39242)
    Neither the \dE command nor the query displays version numbers for the Aster Database Utility functions, which are installed as part of the Aster Database installation and always compatible with it.