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Teradata Aster® Analytics Foundation User GuideUpdate 2

Aster Analytics
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September 2017
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Data Transformation Functions
Function Description
Antiselect Returns all columns except those specified.
Apache_Log_Parser Parses Apache log file content and extracts multiple columns of structural information, including search engines and search terms.
Categorize Converts specified columns from any numeric type to VARCHAR.
Fellegi-Sunter Functions FellegiSunterTrainer estimates the parameters of the Fellegi-Sunter model, using either supervised or unsupervised learning. FellegiSunterPredict predicts whether a pair of objects are duplicates.
Geometry Functions GeometryLoader retrieves file-based geospatial files from AFS, parses them, and stores them in Aster Database. PointInPolygon takes as input a list of location points and a list of polygons and returns a list of binary values for every point-and-polygon combination, which indicates whether the point is contained in the polygon. GeometryOverlay calculates the result of overlaying two geometries as specified by the overlay operator.
IdentityMatch Tries to match enterprise customers with users records provided by external data sources.
IPGeo Maps IP addresses to information that you can use to identify the geographical location of a visitor.
JSONParser Extracts the element name and text from JSON strings and outputs them in a flattened relational table.
Multi_Case Extends the capability of the SQL CASE statement by supporting matches to multiple options and iterating through the input data set only once, emitting matches as they occur.
MurmurHash Computes the hash value of the input columns.
OutlierFilter Removes outliers from a data set.
Pack Compresses data in multiple columns into a single packed data column.
Pivot Converts rows into columns.
PSTParserAFS Parses Personal Storage Table (PST) files that store email in Microsoft software such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Client.
Scale Functions Normalize input data sets. The Scale functions are ScaleMap, Scale, ScalePrinter, and PartitionScale.
StringSimilarity Calculates the similarity between two strings, using either the Jaro, Jaro-Winkler, N-Gram, or Levenshtein distance.
Unpack Expands data from a single packed column to multiple unpacked columns.
Unpivot Converts columns into rows.
URIPack Reconstructs encoded hierarchical uniform resource identifier (URI) strings that were unpacked by the URIUnpack function.
URIUnpack Separates hierarchical URIs into constituent components and extracts the values of specified parameters.
XMLParser Extracts data from XML documents and stores it in a relational table.
XMLRelation Extracts element name, text and attribute values, and structural information from XML documents and outputs them in a relational table.