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September 2017
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Graph Analysis Functions
Function Description
AllPairsShortestPath Computes the shortest distances between all combinations of the specified source and target vertices.
Betweenness Determines betweenness for every vertex in a graph. Betweenness is a type of centrality (relative importance) measurement.
Closeness Computes closeness and k-degree scores for each specified source vertex in a graph.
EigenvectorCentrality Calculates the centrality (relative importance) of each node in a graph.
gTree Follows all paths in a graph, starting from a given set of root vertices, and calculates specified aggregate functions along those paths.
LocalClusteringCoefficient Analyzes the structure of a network.
LoopyBeliefPropagation Calculates the marginal distribution for each unobserved node, conditional on any observed nodes.
Modularity Discovers communities (clusters) in input graphs without advance information about the clusters. Detects communities by discovering the strength of relationships among data points.
nTree Builds and traverses tree structures on all worker nodes in a graph.
PageRank Computes PageRank values for a directed graph.
pSALSA Evaluates the similarity of nodes in a bipartite graph according to their proximity. Typically used for recommendation.
RandomWalkSample Outputs a sample graph that represents the input graph (which is typically extremely large).