7.00.02 - Rules for Number of Inputs by Type - Aster Analytics

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September 2017
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  • A function can have at most one PARTITION BY ANY input.
  • If a function has a PARTITION BY ANY input, all other inputs must be DIMENSION inputs.
  • If a function does not have a PARTITION BY ANY input, it can have any number ofp_attribute_set inputs.
  • All PARTITION BY p_attribute_set clauses must specify the same number of attributes, and corresponding attributes must be equijoin-compatible (that is, either of the same data type or of data types that can be implicitly cast to match).
  • At least one PARTITION BY ANY or PARTITION BYp_attribute_set input must be nonempty; otherwise, the function does not run.

    DIMENSION inputs only provide information to the function, as its arguments do.

  • Inputs can be in any order. For example, your function could have:
    SELECT ...
    ON store_locations DIMENSION,
    ON purchases PARTITION BY purchase_date,
    ON products DIMENSION ORDER BY prod_name