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The NeuralNet function displays a message after finishing.

NeuralNet Output Table Schema
Property Value
Reached Threshold The error threshold reached when training stops.
Threshold Steps Max iterations reached or convergence reached.

The query below displays the OutputTable containing the fitted weights:

SELECT * FROM output_table;

This output table has the same schema as the weight table and has a row for each neural network with one column for each weight. As the following table shows, the weight columns are labeled 0, 1, 2, and so on, and are ordered by layer, origin node, and destination node. For example, the weight in column 0 corresponds to w101 in Introduction to Neural Networks, column 1 corresponds to w102, and so on, up to column 12 corresponding to w231.

NeuralNet Output Table
Initial layer From neuron To neuron Weight Corresponding column in <OutputTable>
Input layer X0 Φ1 W101 0
Input layer X0 Φ2 W102 1
Input layer X0 Φ3 W103 2
Input layer X1 Φ1 W111 3
... ... ... ... ...
Input layer X2 Φ3 W123 8
Hidden layer Φ0 Output W201 9
... ... ... ... ...
Hidden layer Φ3 Output W231 12