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Aster Analytics
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The CoxSurvFit function has three required input tables

  • The first two tables are output by the CoxPH function and are described in the Output section of the function: CoxPH:
    • CoxPH Linear Predictor Table Schema
    • CoxPH Coefficient Table Schema
  • Predict table, whose schema is described by the following table:
    CoxSurvFit Predict Table Schema
    Column Name Data Type Description
    prediction_variable Any Contains the values of the prediction variables. The table must have one column for each prediction variable.
    accumulate_column Any Optional column that can contain anything. The table can have more than one such column. If the Accumulate argument specifies this column, the function copies it to the output table; otherwise, the function ignores it.

The following is an example of a predict table.

CoxSurvFit Predict Table Example
id x1 x2 x3 x4
1 a b c d

For the row in the preceding table, the function computes this survival probability:

S(t) = S0(t) x1*a + β x2*b + β x3*c + β x4*d)