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Aster Analytics
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September 2017
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The function has attempted to identify the best matching distribution for each partition of the data, based on each test specified in the SQL-MapReduce call. For each partition, the output shows the distribution and parameters identified by each test with the associated p-value.

distnmatch (Best Match Mode) Example 2 Output Table (Columns 1-4)
park_name season group_size best_match_KS_top1
KidsWorld Spring 400 UNIFORMDISCRETE:1,8
KidsWorld Summer 400 POISSON:4.457499980926514
Funland Spring 400 UNIFORMDISCRETE:1,12
Funland Summer 400 POISSON:7.065000057220459
Wonderland Spring 400 BINOMIAL:16,0.5091542759742608
Wonderland Summer 400 POISSON:7.005000114440918
distnmatch (Best Match Mode) Example 2 Output Table (Columns 5-7)
p-value_KS_top1 best_match_AD_top1 p-value_AD_top1
0.963945 BINOMIAL:100,0.5 1.5e-06
0.996074 BINOMIAL:100,0.5 1.5e-06
0.999293 NEGATIVEBINOMIAL:7,0.46705571565376613 1.5e-06
0.000672657 BINOMIAL:13,0.507505492077339 1.5e-06
0.0624169 BINOMIAL:16,0.5091542759742608 1.5e-06
0.993134 POISSON:7.005000114440918 6.47109e-06
distnmatch (Best Match Mode) Example 2 Output Table (Columns 8-9)
best_match_CHISQ_top1 p-value_CHISQ_top1
BINOMIAL:100,0.5 0
BINOMIAL:100,0.5 0
UNIFORMDISCRETE:1,12 8.9484e-13
BINOMIAL:13,0.507505492077339 0
BINOMIAL:16,0.5091542759742608 0
BINOMIAL:110,0.06332936686652757 0