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Aster Analytics
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The reported p-value for each of the four tests is around 0.4, which does not rule out the null hypothesis that the data are consistent with a normal distribution with the specified mean and standard deviation.

distnmatch (Hypothesis Test Mode) Example 1 Output Table
Column Name Value
-[ RECORD 1 ]--------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
group_size 400
NORMAL:49.97225,2.009698_KS_statistic 0.0319503
NORMAL:49.97225,2.009698_KS_p-value 0.41181
NORMAL:49.97225,2.009698_CvM_statistic 0.0556535
NORMAL:49.97225,2.009698_CvM_p-value 0.430792
NORMAL:49.97225,2.009698_AD_statistic 0.376151
NORMAL:49.97225,2.009698_AD_p-value 0.410292
NORMAL:49.97225,2.009698_CHISQ_statistic 7.8
NORMAL:49.97225,2.009698_CHISQ_p-value 0.35056