7.00.02 - SQL-MapReduce Call - Aster Analytics

Teradata Aster® Analytics Foundation User GuideUpdate 2

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September 2017
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The following SQL-MapReduce call generates the probabilities for each observation of the sequence for each model.

SELECT model_id, seq_id, observed_id, sequence_probability
  FROM hmmevaluator (
  ON pi_loan AS "InitStateProb" PARTITION BY model_id
  ON A_loan AS "TransProb" PARTITION BY model_id
  ON B_loan AS "EmissionProb" PARTITION BY model_id
  ON test_loan_prediction AS "observation"
    PARTITION BY model_id ORDER BY seq_id, seq_vertex_id
  InitStateModelColumn ('model_id')
  InitStateColumn ('state')
  InitStateProbColumn ('probability')
  TransAttributeColumn ('model_id')
  TransFromStateColumn ('from_state')
  TransToStateColumn ('to_state')
  TransProbColumn ('probability')
  EmitModelColumn ('model_id')
  EmitStateColumn ('state')
  EmitObsColumn ('observed')
  EmitProbColumn ('probability')
  ModelColumn ('model_id')
  SeqColumn ('seq_id')
  ObsColumn ('observed_id')
) ORDER BY seq_id, model_id, sequence_probability DESC;