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September 2017
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A user-defined distance metric is used in this example. The Java class com.example.MyDistance defines this metric:

package com.example;
import com.asterdata.ncluster.sqlmr.data.RowView;
import com.asterdata.sqlmr.analytics.classification.knn.distance.Distance;
public class MyDistance implements Distance {
    * calculate the distance between the test row and the training row.
    * note: 1.don't reverse the sequence of parameters
    *       2. the columns of trainingRowView is 'responseColumn, f1,f2,...,fn'
    *       3. the columns of testRowView is the same as TEST_TABLE
    *       4. all the trainingRowView and testRowView is zero-based
    *          (0 <= index && index < getColumnCount())
    * @param testRowView
    *           stands for a point in the test data set
    * @param trainingRowView
    *           stands for a point in the training data set, the columns is the
    * columns in distanceFeatures argument
    * @return the double value of distance
    public double calculate(RowView testRowView, RowView trainingRowView) {
        return Math.abs(testRowView.getIntAt(1) - trainingRowView.getIntAt(1));