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September 2017
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DenseSVMPredictor takes two input tables, a sample table containing data whose class is to be predicted, and the model table produced by DenseSVMTrainer.

  • The model table is in binary format. To display its readable content, use the function DenseSVMModelPrinter.
  • The schema of the sample table is shown in the following table. The function ignores any additional columns, except those specified by the AccumulateLabel argument, which it copies to the output table.
DenseSVMPredictor Input Sample Table Schema
Column Name Data Type Description
id_column INTEGER, SMALLINT, BIGINT, NUMERIC, NUMERIC(p), NUMERIC(p,a), TEXT, VARCHAR, VARCHAR(n), UUID, BYTEA Identifier of the test samples to be predicted.
attribute_column DOUBLE PRECISION Can be more than one column. Each column contains the values of an attribute of the test samples.