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The SparseSVMPredictor function outputs a table that contains the predicted class of each test sample.

SparseSVMPredictor Output Table Schema
Column Name Data Type Description
id_column INTEGER, SMALLINT, BIGINT, NUMERIC, NUMERIC(p), NUMERIC(p,a), TEXT, VARCHAR, VARCHAR(n), UUID, or BYTEA Contains the identifiers of the test samples.
predict_value VARCHAR Contains the predicted classes of the test samples.
predict_confidence DOUBLE PRECISION Contains the prediction confidences. Each prediction confidence is a value between 0 and 1, computed by the formula that follows this table. The higher the value, the more dependable the prediction.
accumulate_column Any Column copied from the sample table.

The formula for predict_confidence is:

where i is the attribute id, x i is the value of attributes in the sample, and w i is the weight of attribute i.