Configuring KNIME for Clusters Running on SSL - Aster Analytics

Teradata Aster® Analytics Foundation User GuideUpdate 2

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September 2017
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Follow this procedure if and only if Aster Database is SSL-enabled.

For instructions for generating and installing certificates, see the Teradata Aster® Database User Guide for Aster Appliances or Teradata Aster® Database User Guide for Commodity Hardware.
  1. Copy the file /home/beehive/truststore/truststore.jks from Aster Database to a location on the machine where KNIME runs (for example, C:\truststore on Windows or /home/beehive/truststore on Linux or macOS).
  2. Verify that you have permission to read the copied file.
  3. Open a database table connector node:
    1. In the KNIME Node Repository, select Database.
    2. Select Read/Write.
    3. Select Database Connect.
  4. In the Database Table Connector window:
    1. In the Database URL field, enter the database URL credentials (without the line breaks):
      • On Windows:

        jdbc:ncluster://host:2406/db_name?ENABLESSL=true&SSLTRUSTSTORE= C:\truststore\truststore.jks&SSLTRUSTSTOREPASSWORD=SSLtruststorepassword

      • On Linux or macOS:

        jdbc:ncluster://host:2406/db_name?ENABLESSL=true&SSLTRUSTSTORE= /home/beehive/truststore.jks&SSLTRUSTSTOREPASSWORD=SSLtruststorepassword

    2. In the User Name field, enter your Aster Database user ID.
    3. In the Password field, enter your Aster Database password.
    4. In the SQL Statement field, enter any valid SQL statement (only for the purpose of testing the connection).
    5. Click OK.
  5. Run the database table connector node. If you get a timeout error, check that the truststore.jks file was properly copied and that you have permission to read it.
  6. Connect the Database Table Connector node to an Aster KNIME node of an analytic function:
    1. Double-click the function node.
    2. In the Dialog window, in the Optional section, enter these values:
      • SSLSettings:


      • SSLTrustStorePassword:


    3. Configure any other necessary node settings.
Now you can run the function node.