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Teradata Aster® Analytics Foundation User GuideUpdate 2

Aster Analytics
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September 2017
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The LDATopicPrinter function outputs a message and an output table.

LDATopicPrinter Output Message Schema
Column Name Data Type Description
message TEXT, VARCHAR, or VARCHAR(n) Reports this information about the model:

Number of topics

Number of unique words (vocabulary size)

Hyperparameter values (specified by LDATrainer arguments Alpha and Eta)

Number of training documents and words

Perplexity (defined in the Output section of the function LDATrainer)

The schema of the output table depends on the values of the arguments ShowSummary and OutputByWord. If ShowSummary is true, the function outputs only the preceding table.

LDATopicPrinter Output Table, ShowSummary('false') & OutputByWord('true')
Column Name Data Type Description
topicid INTEGER Topic identifier.
word TEXT, VARCHAR, or VARCHAR(n) Unique word that appears in topic.
wordweight DOUBLE PRECISION Optional. Weight (probability of occurrence) of word in topic. Weights for unique words in each topic are normalized to 1.
wordcount DOUBLE PRECISION Optional. Count (number of occurrences) of word in topic. Topic distribution is factored into word count.
LDATopicPrinter Output Table, ShowSummary('false') & OutputByWord('false')
Column Name Data Type Description
topicid INTEGER Unique topic identifier.
wordsequence TEXT, VARCHAR, or VARCHAR(n) Unique words that appear in topic, separated by commas.