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The POSTagger function was developed on the Penn Treebank Project and Chinese Penn Treebank Project data set. Its POS tags comply with the tags defined by the two projects.

Part-of-Speech Tags for English Text

The following table lists the POS tags used in the Penn Treebank Project for English text.

Number Tag Description Examples
1 CC Coordinating conjunction and
2 CD Cardinal number 1, third
3 DT Determiner the
4 EX Existential there there is
5 FW Foreign word d'hoevre
6 IN Preposition / subordinating conjunction in, of, like
7 JJ Adjective green
8 JJR Adjective, comparative greener
9 JJS Adjective, superlative greenest
10 LS List item marker 1)
11 MD Modal could, will
12 NN Noun, singular or mass table
13 NNS Noun, plural tables
14 NNP Proper noun, singular John
15 NNPS Proper noun, plural Vikings
16 PDT Predeterminer both the boys
17 POS Possessive ending friend's
18 PRP Personal pronoun I, he, it
19 PRP$ Possessive pronoun my, his
20 RB Adverb however, usually, naturally, here, good
21 RBR Adverb, comparative better
22 RBS Adverb, superlative best
23 RP Particle give up
24 SYM Symbol  
25 TO to to go, to him
26 UH Interjection uhhuhhuhh
27 VB Verb, base form take
28 VBD Verb, past tense took
29 VBG Verb, gerund or present participle taking
30 VBN Verb, past participle taken
31 VBP Verb, non-3rd person singular present take
32 VBZ Verb, 3rd person singular present takes
33 WDT Wh-determiner which
34 WP Wh-pronoun who, what
35 WP$ Possessive wh-pronoun whose
36 WRB Wh-adverb where, when

Part-of-Speech Tags for Chinese Text

The following tables list the POS tags used in the Penn Treebank Project for Chinese text.

Chinese POS Tags: Verb, adjective
Number Tag Description
1 VA Predicative adjective.
2 VC Copula.
3 VE Only 有, 没有, and 无 are tagged as VE when they are the main verbs.
4 VV Other verb. Includes the rest verbs, such as modals, raising predicates, control verbs, action verbs, psych-verb, and so on.
Chinese POS Tags: Noun
Number Tag Description
5 NR Proper noun (name of a person, politically or geographically defined location, or organization). A NR is usually unique and cannot be modified by a Det+M.
6 NT Temporal noun.
7 NN Other noun.
Chinese POS Tags: Localizer
Number Tag Description
8 LC  
Chinese POS Tags: Pronoun
Number Tag Description
9 PN  
Chinese POS Tags: Determiner and number
Number Tag Description
10 DT Determiner.
11 CD Cardinal number.
12 OD Ordinal number.
Chinese POS Tags: Measure word
Number Tag Description
13 M  
Chinese POS Tags: Adverb
Number Tag Description
14 AD  
Chinese POS Tags: Preposition
Number Tag Description
15 P  
Chinese POS Tags: Conjunction
Number Tag Description
16 CC Coordinating conjunction.
17 CS Subordinating conjunction.
Chinese POS Tags: Particle
Number Tag Description
18 DEC This only includes 的 and 之 when they function as a complementizer or a normalizer.
19 DEG This only includes 的 and 之 when they function as a genitive marker or an associative marker.
20 DER 得 is tagged as DER in potential form V-得-R, and in V-de construction.
21 DEV This only includes 地 when it occurs in "XP 地 VP", where XP modifies the VP.
22 AS Aspect Particle. Verbal particles that indicate aspect are tagged as AS.
23 SP Sentence-final particle.
24 ETC The tag is used for the word 等 and 等等.
25 MSP Other particle. This includes particles, such as 所, 以, 来, and 而, when they appear before a VP.
Chinese POS Tags: Others
Number Tag Description
26 IJ Interjection. Interjections appear in the sentence-initial position.
27 ON Onomatopoeia.
28 LB This only includes 被, 叫, 给, and 为 when they occur in the long bei-construction.
29 SB This only includes 被 and 给 when they occur in the short bei-construction.
31 JJ Other noun-modifier.
32 FW Foreign word.
33 PU Punctuation.