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Aster Analytics
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September 2017
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The POSTagger function requires a model file and an input table.

Two model files are provided with this function:

  • pos_model_2.0_en_141008.bin for English
  • pos_model_2.0_zh_cn_141008.bin for Simplified Chinese
Before running POSTagger, add the model file locations to the default search path for the user or session.

The following table describes the input table columns that you can specify with function arguments. The input table can have additional columns, but the function ignores them.

POSTagger Input Table Schema
Column Name Data Type Description
accumulate_column Any Column to copy to the output table.
text_column VARCHAR Contains the text to be tagged. Each row of this column must contain a well-formatted sentence. To convert English text to formatted sentences, you can use the function Sentenizer.