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Teradata Aster® Analytics Foundation User GuideUpdate 2

Aster Analytics
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September 2017
English (United States)
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TextMorph Input Table Schema
Column Name Data Type Description
word_column VARCHAR Contains one input word or phrase in each row.
pos_tag_column VARCHAR Contains the POS tags of the words, generated by the function POSTagger. The following table summarizes the English POSTagger tags and gives their corresponding TextMorph parts of speech.
accumulate_column Any Column to copy to the output table.
English POSTagger Tags and Corresponding TextMorph Tags
Tag Number POSTagger Tag Description Examples TextMorph POS
1 CC Coordinating conjunction and  
2 CD Cardinal number 1, third  
3 DT Determiner the  
4 EX Existential there there is  
5 FW Foreign word hors d’oeuvre  
6 IN Preposition or coordinating conjunction in, of, like  
7 JJ Adjective green adj
8 JJR Adjective, comparative greener adj
9 JJB Adjective, superlative greenest adj
10 LS List item marker 1)  
11 MD Modal could, will  
12 NN Noun, singular or mass table noun
13 NNS Noun, plural tables noun
14 NNP Noun, proper, singular John noun
15 NNPS Noun, proper, plural Vikings noun
16 PDT Predeterminer both boys  
17 POS Possessive friend’s noun
18 PRP Pronoun, personal I, he, it  
19 PRPS Pronoun, possessive my, his  
20 RB Adverb however, usually, naturally, here, good adv
21 RBR Adverb, comparative better adv
22 RBS Adverb, superlative best adv
23 RP Particle give up  
24 SYM Symbol    
25 TO to to go, to him  
26 UH Interjection uh, huh, hmm  
27 VB Verb, base form take verb
28 VBD Verb, past tense took verb
29 VBG Verb, gerund or present participle taking verb
30 VBN Verb, past participle taken verb
31 VBP Verb, non-third-person singular present tense take verb
32 VBZ Verb, third-person singular present tense takes verb
33 WDT Wh- determiner which  
34 WP Wh- pronoun who, what  
35 WP Wh- pronoun, possessive whose  
36 WRB Wh- adverb where, when