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September 2017
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The nPath function populates the FrequentPaths input table with sequences that start with "A" and end with "C", using the Accumulate argument to output the full sequence.

CREATE VIEW nPath_output AS (
  SELECT * FROM npath (
    ON sequence_table PARTITION BY id ORDER BY datestamp
    Pattern ('itemA.itemAny*.itemC')
    Symbols (item='A' AS itemA, item='C' AS itemC, TRUE AS itemAny)
    Result (FIRST(id OF itemA) AS id,
    Accumulate (item OF ANY(itemA, itemAny, itemC)) AS path)

This query returns the following table:

SELECT * FROM nPath_output ORDER BY id;
FrequentPaths Example 7 nPath Output Table
id path
1 [A, B, C]
3 [A, D, C]